The Proposal


With our knowledge of the universe, we have sent men to the moon. We know microscopic details of objects around us and within us. And yet we know relatively little about how our society works and how it reacts to changes brought upon it. Humankind is now facing serious crises for which we must develop new ways to tackle the global challenges of humanity in the 21st century. With connectivity between people rapidly increasing, we are now able to exploit information and communication technologies to achieve major breakthroughs that go beyond the step-wise improvements in other areas.

It is thus timely to create an ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Flagship to explore social life on Earth, and everything it relates to, in the same way that we have spent the last century or more understanding our physical world. This proposal sketches out visionary scientific endeavours, forming an ambitious concept that allows us to answer a whole range of challenging questions. Integrating the European engineering, natural, and social science communities, this proposal will release a huge potential.

The need of a socio-economic knowledge collider was first pointed out in the OECD Global Science Forum on Applications of Complexity Science for Public Policy in Erice from October 5 to 7, 2008. Since then, many scientists have called for a large-scale ICT-based research initiative on techno-social-economic-environmental issues, sometimes phrased as a Manhattan-, Apollo-, or CERN-like project to study the way our living planet works in a social dimension. Due to the connotations, we use the term knowledge accelerator, here. An organizational concept for the establishment of a knowledge accelerator is currently being sketched within the EU Support Action VISIONEER, see The EU Flagship initiative is exactly the right instrument to materialize this concept and thereby tackle the global challenges for mankind in the 21st century.

Project Summaries
Download: FuturICT FET Flagship Project Summary
Download: FuturICT Fet Flagship Project Outline
Download: FuturICT FET Flagship Project Impact

Project Summaries
Download: Living Earth Simulator Platform
Download: Global Participatory Platform
Download: Planetary Nervous System Platform
Download: Innovation Accelerator Platform

High Level Concept
Download: Resilience

Download: Energy
Download: Networks and Communication
Download: Economics
Download: Crime and Corruption
Download: Migration
Download: Health
Download: Crisis Management

Background Information
Flagships are visionary, science and goal-driven large-scale European ICT research initiatives nucleated from FET (Future and Emerging Technologies) but cascading into various scientific and technological areas of different maturity, form long term to more technology driven research. Built on established strengths of European research, FET Flagships are envisioned as long term initiatives, each on a budget of around 100 M€ Euros per year.
Link: European Flagship Initiative Homepage
Download: FET Flagship Flyer
Download: Moving the ICT Frontiers
Download:European Challenges and Flagships 2020 and Beyond
Link: Flagship June Workshop Webpage
Link: Flagship January Workshop Webpage

The FuturICT Flagship Proposal
Download: FuturICT Platform in Detail – excerpt from ‘Building FET Flagships- A World Class Endeavour’ publication of the FET Flagship Mid Term Conference in Warsaw Nov 2011
Download: An Excerpt of the FuturICT Coordination Action Proposal (December 2010)
DownloadA Five Page Summary of the FuturICT Coordination Action Proposal (September 2010)
Download: An Early Outline of the FuturICT Proposal (April 2010)
Download: Slides presented at the Science & Policy Forum on FET Flagships in Brussels, June 09-10, 2010 (pdf, ppt)
Download: Introductory slides for the FuturICT workshop held in London Jun 2010 by Prof. Dirk Helbing (ETH) and Prof. Steven Bishop (UCL)
Download: The FuturICT Flyer (print version)
Download: Slides presented at the FET Info Day, 30 September 2010 (slides, notes)
Download: FuturICT Overview, December 2011 (pdf with notes)

FuturICT Flagship Reporting
Download: FuturICT FET Flagship Proposal Summary (Oct 2012)
Download: FuturICT FET Flagship Proposal Executive Summary (Oct 2012)
Download: FuturICT FET Flagship Press Release (Oct 2012)  ‘FuturICT taking the next step to address 21st Century Challenges’
Download: FuturICT Presentation to Flagship Pilots Final Conference (July 2012)
Download: FuturICT Flagship Report (June 2012)
Download: List of Supporters Download: Collated Letters: Part 1Part 2Part 3
Download:Additional Supporters pledging financial support
Download: List of FuturICT run events by country (April 2012)
Download: Selected recent publications by members of FuturICT
Download: FuturICT Special Issue in European Physical Journal – Special Topics (EPJST) (forthcoming issue)
Download:Visioneer Special Issue and further selected publications (April 2012)

The European Physical Journal Special Topics (EPJST Special Issue)
Download: EPJST 214 pg 1-3 (2012): Foreword
Download: EPJST 214 pg 5-9 (2012): Introduction: The FuturICT knowledge accelerator towards a more resilient and sustainable future
Download: EPJST 214 pg 11-39 (2012): FuturICT: Participatory computing to understand and manage our complex world in a more sustainable and resilient way
Download: EPJST 214 pg 41-48 (2012): Accelerating scientific discovery by formulating grand scientific challenges
Download: EPJST 214 pg 49-75 (2012): A planetary nervous system for social mining and collective awareness
Download: EPJST 214 pg 77-108 (2012): Towards a living earth simulator
Download: EPJST 214 pg 109-152 (2012): Towards a global participatory platform: Democratising open data, complexity science and collective intelligence
Download: EPJST 214 pg 153-181 (2012): FuturICT – The road towards ethical ICT
Download: EPJST 214 pg 183-214 (2012): Theoretical and technological building blocks for an innovation accelerator
Download: EPJST 214 pg 215 -243 (2012): The FuturICT education accelerator
Download: EPJST 214 pg 245-271 (2012): Challenges in complex systems science
Download: EPJST 214 pg 273-293 (2012): Challenges in network science: Applications to infrastructures, climate, social systems and economics
Download: EPJST 214 pg 295-324 (2012): A complex systems approach to constructing better models for managing financial markets and the economy
Download: EPJST 214 pg 325-346 (2012): Manifesto of computational social science
Download: EPJST 214 pg 347-360 (2012): Exploratory of society
Download: EPJST 214 pg 361-400 (2012): An economic and financial exploratory
Download: EPJST 214 pg 401-434 (2012): Socio-inspired ICT: Towards a socially grounded society-ICT symbiosis
Download: EPJST 214 pg 435-459 (2012): Complexity aided design: The FuturICT technological innovation paradigm
Download: EPJST 214 pg 461-479 (2012): Causality discovery technology
Download: EPJST 214 pg 481-518 (2012): Smart cities of the future
Download: EPJST 214 pg 519-545 (2012): Data and models for exploring sustainability of human well-being in global environmental change
Download: EPJST 214 pg 547-569 (2012): The emerging energy web
Download: EPJST 214 pg 571-595 (2012): Towards integrative risk management and more resilient societies
Download: EPJST 214 pg 597-634 (2012): Linking science and arts: Intimate science, shared spaces and living experiments
Download: EPJST 214 pg 635-666(2012): Big science and big administration Confronting the governance, financial and legal challenges of FuturICT