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Coordination Action Work Package Leaders

  • WP1 – Co-evolution of ICT and Society
    • Prof. Dr. Paul Lukowicz, Universität Passau, Germany
  • WP2 – Interconnected observatories of society for a resilient and sustainable future
    • Dott.ssa Rosaria Conte, ISTC-CNR, Italy
  • WP3 – Designing an Innovation Accelerator
    • Prof. Dr. Dirk Helbing, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
  • WP4 – Management
    • Prof. Steven Bishop, UCL, UK
  • WP5 – Flagship infrastructure
    • Dr. Felix Reed-Tsochas, Oxford University, UK
  • WP6 – Dissemination and Stakeholder Liaison
    • JB McCarthy, University College Cork, Ireland

FuturICT National Representatives